Retail Shopfitting

Whether you’re a local independent shop or a major high street retailer, great presentation mixed with practicality will guarantee an enhanced customer experience, a superior use of your valuable space and greater sales volumes – talk about a win-win solution!!

Tri-Design has remained at the forefront of retail shopfitting innovation and excellence through our committed relationships with the best architects, designers and subcontractors in the industry. Not only do we do top-quality joinery, we also do: detailed steel fabrication; UV joined glass structures; freeform solid surfaces; and acoustic panelling.

From custom made counters; from modular shelving to slat walls; from display lighting to display cabinets: we can build, supply and install everything you need for your store to look great and to support your merchandising needs. Most of this can be manufactured in our Sydney factory so lead-time, quality and expense can be directly managed by us.

Whatever the size of your retail unit, our team will make sure you make the most of your space. We can work to your budget and your deadlines to minimize disruption and ‘down time’ and get you the most professional presentation for your investment.

We can assist with technical drawings and 3D visuals, using the latest CAD software, to give you a good idea as to how your shop will look and to review options and alternatives.

Once the design, estimate and timings have been signed off, our experienced team will look after your project until completion. We encourage frequent customer and designer contact throughout the duration of the job to ensure that the fit-out is attractive and functional.

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