Wendy’s Belconnen

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Wendy’s has been serving irresistible Supashakes, Smoothies, Chilla’s, Ice Cream and tasty Hot Dogs to thousands of customers in Australia every week for 30 years.

Testimonial from Wendy’s Belconnen:

TIME: “it was very important to me that my shop was closed for the shortest possible time. Tri Design Guaranteed a one-week turnaround and they kept to their promise

QUALITY: “I thought that one shopfitter was the same as the next one but Greg took time to show me the little details which will ensure that my fit-out lasts a lot longer than one where short-cuts and cheaper material is used”

TEAM: ‘The team was organised, friendly and helpful throughout. They really knew what they were doing”.

COMMUNICATION: “Greg was constantly in touch with me before, during and after the job. I really felt comfortable that he cared about the things that were important to me and it was reassuring to be able to ask questions and seek clarification if required”

VALUE: “I am very pleased that I chose Tri Design for this important job. I feel they were honest, reliable and provided the best solution at a fair price”

Sally McKenzie